Designer Luggage Makes For Great Gifts

Published: 05th October 2011
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The world is becoming a global village, or so the saying goes, but with the advent of international travel comes the need to have some rather stylish baggage for high flying executives, and the trendy set of course, to take with them wherever they go. This is often given as gifts from the employer and they usually have their brand put onto the sides. Indeed, this is called OEM luggage and this, along with OEM hand carts, is often given out to those people who have either helped the company in the past, or who will help the company with contracts in the future etc. Giving gifts like this is rather common these days and the company will often brand the goods. This has to be done in a pleasing manner, of course, so that it does not look too tacky. Even the IT people are usually given computer cases with the company's logo on it too so this shows how common this trait is nowadays.

Third party companies have taken up this cause by ordering all kinds of baggage and trolleys from top designers around the world and they often have a hand in how the finished product will look too. Usually on the cutting edge of fashion, all this company has to do then is to provide the labels so that people assume that they are the manufacturers.

The manufacturers themselves do not mind this since business is business, as they say. They can even make baggage for top designer companies, like Coco Chanel or someone like this, and use the specialist materials that they dictate. These famous designers often have a pattern or particular color associated with them and one only has to see the bag from a distance to know which company it belongs too. This is particularly relevant to Hermes whose scarves and bags are known the world over. For those who are a little more down to earth, finding something that is extremely well made, with perhaps a designer label or two, is what most people like these days. If it is given by their employer as a 'thank you for a job well done' gift, of course, this will be treasured for years.

Companies also use this as an advertising gimmick too since the advertising that comes from this is phenomenal. If they gift this kind of baggage at a seminar or something similar, the name of the company will literally go to all corners of the country and beyond. The baggage may even become so popular that it will go into mass production too which could see the company start to receive another income stream. Not bad for something that was intended as a promotional item or a thank you gift.

The companies which produce this kind of product are available online and they will work closely with the buyer to give them the exact look that they require. It is just a matter of finding the right one to produce the goods within the time frame required.


Stewart Wrighter recently purchased a couple of OEM hand carts on the internet to help his aging mother and father transport their groceries. He ordered OEM luggage online for his daughter who is traveling abroad this summer.

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